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Juan Gomez is a photojournalist based out of Oakland, California.

Over the past few years, he has used photography as a means for social justice in various parts of Africa.  In 2009, his work for the Oliver Foundation in South Africa aided in raising funds to create and sustain various community-oriented programs in and around the town of Port Elizabeth.  

In 2010, he joined a coalition of young activists and local community leaders in Ghana to assist in helping a small mountaintop village gain access to basic health needs.  From these efforts, a non-profit organization was born - Rise Up Ghana Collective - which has thus far, raised over $10,000 dollars towards the construction of a health clinic for the town.

When he's not photographing for a cause, he turns his lens towards his other passion - music.  His love affair with african music started out through deejaying, but has since expended into his photojournalistic work.  He worked tirelessly at documenting the stories of long forgotten (as well as recently rediscovered) african musicians. You can catch up on his travels through the world of African vinyl on his tumblr page: digging4gold.

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